The Alignment part of Grischa’s training also includes detailed explanations of his Mysore Style teaching approach that is based on decades of exploration. We will be looking at different adjustments / assists for most poses of the primary series. We will understand a pattern-based approach on how to customize them ultimately for each single student. 

With intelligent assists all students can be guided into practically every pose if the teacher understands the underlying physiology and psychology that create restrictions. Poses are in fact constructed for revealing problematic patterns of posture and movement. It is obvious that “pushing harder” makes no sense when actually the forces rather need to be re-directed and reduced for a good results. Good adjustments are educating the student rather than fixing his or her external form from the outside.

Force normally indicates, that the teacher is fighting against the body rather than helping the student to solve the interesting “problems” every pose presents to them. Forceful adjustments always have negative impacts for both student and teacher. They have injured thousands of practitioners without any benefit. It may take longer to learn good adjustments than forceful ones. But there is just no alternative.

In this training you will have time to practice a few interesting assists. More importantly you can learn the blueprints of inventing specific adjustments for each of your students including yourself.