Yoga Sutra – The Master Key

The term Yoga seems to communicate goodness per se and it’s asana component provides the perfect visuals. No wonder that it has become the ideal marketing tool for literally everything and nothing. The term Yoga has been seized by vast armies of pseudo-spiritual materialists in the past two decades. The art of self realization has become “hip, hot and holy”. The rescue are the ancient texts that detrue fine the meaning of Yoga. Especially Patanjalis Yoga Sutra is our rescue, our guide in the jungle. Patanjali defined the meaning of Ashtanga Yoga 2000 years ago. By understanding the kleshas (ignorance, egotism etc.) we understand the cause of the deformation of the amazing principles of Yoga. We can see that clearly in the commercialized superficial Yoga market today. By understanding the kleshas within us we avoid the causes of suffering in life and in Yoga.