Sanskrit and Mantra

Every word is a Mantra. The repetition of positive (and negative) thoughts becomes part of your filter system which ultimately changes your life.

Sanskrit is the language in which many ancient teachings are composed, the unbiased definitions of Yoga and all it's practices. It is an amazingly beautiful language, constructed thousands of years ago to preserve the wisdom from the first known researchers on mind, conciuosness and the self. Pronunciation, alphabet, construction of words and sentences. All components are perfectly refined to prevent transmission errors and make sure we can always validate our opinions about Yoga by studying the original meaning of the sacred texts. Without proper pronunciation the meaning of words gets distorted and the carefully constructed combinations of rhythm and sound break down.

Learning correct pronunciation of Sanskrit and language in general requires mindfulness and therefore is a Yoga practice by definition. Moreover through that process you contribute to preserving the ancient wisdom of the original Yoga, untainted by the processes that have transformed mainstream “Yoga” into an empty commercialized facade.

How can I learn more about "Sanskrit and Mantra"?

Asana is incomplete with Pranayama, practice without good alignment is harmful, Yoga practice without knowing the “philosophy” has no orientation. 

All components of Yoga practice need each other. Therefore all of Grischa’s Retreat intensives are as complete as they can possibly be.

Many practitioners today learn only fractions of Yoga practices, in almost all cases only about the asana layer. If you are lucky to even hear about the other (much more powerful) practices, you normally need to find different teachers for different topics. But that is very problematic.

There are for example only few philosophy teachers and those often times have no idea about pranayama or asana. The experience shows, that studying from different teachers is fruitless. The teachings are unconnected and often not based on concrete experiences. But theoretical Yoga knowledge is useless just like “practice” without knowledge is ridiculous.

As teachers we MUST know and practice all yogic components. And we MUST know the theoretical foundation of all practices.

That is how Grischa has learnt it from his teacher Richard Freeman. You know why there is no alternative to this approach once you have experienced the difference between a mere asana teacher and one who has done his or her homework.

Upcoming Intensives in 2023

Mon, 3. July - 
Sun, 9. July
Breitenteicher Mühle
Experience the magic of daily pranayama, Mysore style and Meditation practice. Take your Ashtanga practice beyond with alignment workshops, philosophy and Sanskrit studies with the “full ashtanga intensive” program. Or take it easy and relax or work a little with the “ashtanga holidays” package.
Mon, 1. April - 
Sun, 7. April
Holzmannstett (Bavaria, Germany)
Take your Ashtanga practice beyond with alignment workshops, philosophy and Sanskrit studies. Dive deeply into Grischa’s magic ingredients for a transformative Mysore practice, pranayama and meditation. In addition this is a very special opportunity for studying one of the most inspiring texts on Yoga that exists, the famous Bhagavad Gita!