Ashtanga Yoga Book (Primary Series Workbook)

This ashtanga yoga book (primary series) is designed to be a supporting tool on your personal ashtanga vinyasa path towards Yoga. It provides a compact introduction to the key principles of Grischa’s methodological approach for a meaningful practice in the context of the bigger picture of Yoga. The names of all postures of the primary series postures have accurately been transliterated and translated from the original Sanskrit. The book also provides you with a place for systematically taking notes about meaningful discoveries, questions or lessons learnt on your individual path. We must always keep in mind that whatever we think about Yoga is unlikely to be near it’s true meaning, especially if we believe to have a lot of knowledge about it. Allow transformation to happen, always remain unattached to your “achievements”. Continuously re-evaluate what you are doing and why you are doing it – instead of just imitating what someone told you once upon a time. Become aware of the changes that your body, your inner awareness and your attitude towards yourself go through. This is the yogic path. There is not much to be achieved apart from that.


Yoga cannot be learnt from a book, no matter how well it is made, no matter how verbose it is.  Join one of Grischa’s “ashtanga retreats for ashtanga enthusiasts and teachers” to understand the qualities of “correct” practice as described in this book. 

You also need to experience the subtle layers of practice. Most importantly, a practice without orientation leads nowhere. So yes, you need to understand the so-called “theory”, the yogic scriptures, which are truly the only valid map of Yoga that exists.

The yogic scriptures explain the path to a Yoga without limitations. Asana practice is only a microscopic fraction of it.

Grischa helps you to awaken your inner teacher so you become free from all the teachers out there. Free yourself from the idea someone will tell you what is right or wrong. Only your self is teacher of your self. 

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Ashtanga Yoga Book - Primary Series Asana Book