Ashtanga Yoga Retreat April 2024 (Bavaria, Germany)

Monday, 1. April - Sunday, 7. April
@ Holzmannstett (Bavaria, Germany)


About Grischa's Ashtanga Yoga Retreats

Experience the magic of daily practice with Grischa, the founder of Ashtanga Yoga Berlin in 2004. His retreats are known to be very intense and transformative. It may not seem easy to get up at 6 and digest 10 hours of Yogic teaching and practice every day for a whole week. But hey, we're Ashtangies, aren't we?

This training is in English unless all participants speak German.

Ashtanga Intensive for the practitioner

The goal of Grischa's retreats is to bring your Ashtanga practice to a completely different level. You will get invaluable information to make it smoother and free from injuries. Grischa teaches a straight forward approach that allows you to directly experience the effects of the famous Ashtanga key principles, Mulabandha, Uddiyana Bandha Ujjayi Pranayama etc. More importantly we will dive deeply into understanding the true meaning of the Yogic path. Understand the magic which transforms gymnastics into a yogic (transformational) process and which awakens your inner teacher. Knowledge allows you to develop your individual practice and is also the key that allows you to recognize the rare teachers who can give you meaningful guidance. This might be the exact opposite of all the convenient hearsay opinions on the market. 

Ashtanga Yoga Retreat for teachers

As a teacher you must know a lot more than all your students. Only deep yogic studies can make you a teacher of Yoga. Understand how all the layers of practice are interconnected and how only a holistic approach can potentially have effects that meet the authentic yogic standards. Learn what the desired effects of Yoga practice are and how to apply them in your own practice. Learn how to teach these complex matters in a clear language that each one of your students can learn to understand without losing the depth.

Yoga Philosophy Special (Yoga Sutra)

Yoga Sutra is the map of Yoga. Without a map you are lost in unknown territories. Yoga practices remain empty and aimless without the color of wisdom and orientation. You will never understand the true meaning of asana, pranayama and meditation practices without texts like the yoga Sutra. So how do you know you practice or even teach Yoga? 

Grischa's philosphy intro videos

Get a taste for Grischa's approach of explaining the nitty gritty details and meaning of Yoga philosophy for your daily practice: Ca. 2hr online sessions on Yoga Sutra, Bhagavad Gita and more. Only 15€.


Book until 31 July and enter "earlybird-2024" during checkout to secure your spot for the retreat AND save 150€!

Detailed Information


This retreat is in English

Employee in Germany? Get paid extra vacation for this training. Call for info: +49.30.48496665

For practitioners

This retreat is open for all practitioners with prior Mysore Style experience. The deep understanding of breath, bandha and good alignment taught in this training will transform every single asana and your whole practice. You will understand the root causes of all major difficulties and injuries in Yoga practice and how to overcome them with ease. 

Understand the true aims of Yoga practice and experience real pranayama beyond torturing the nose, huffing and puffing or holding the breath!

For teachers

Inspiration makes all the difference! The only true Ashtanga teacher training, the only real authorization to teach is understanding Yoga within yourself. Experience the meaning of asana,  pranayama, the scriptures and meditation, rather than hearing theories about it. Helping everyone from the beginner to the most advanced practitioner safely and precisely comes naturally only from personal experience based on a a systematic set of principles. Integrating and improving the patterns in your own practice and teaching will make you a unique and outstanding teacher. Or have you ever liked receiving copy-paste adjustments from anyone?

Get authorized by knowledge and wisdom!

6:30 pranayma
7:30 mysore style
9:30 breakfast
10:00 ashtanga alignment intensive
12:00 yoga sutra
13:30 lunch
16:00 yoga sutra
17:00 ashtanga alignment intensive
18:30 dinner
20:00 sanskrit and meditation

Arrival day start: 10:30

Departure day end: after breakfast (ca. 10:00).


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If space permits we offer a “holiday” package for the morning and evening sessions only (ashtanga mysore practice, pranayama, meditation). 

We provide sponsorships for ashtanga enthusiasts who cannot afford the regular rates. Please call: +49.30.48496665

Price(s): 700 €

Accommodation & full board

The prices below include three vegan/vegetarian meals per day, paid directly to the seminar house.

2 bed + 510 €
2 bed with private bath + 570 €
single + 600 €
single with private bath + 660 €
All prices include vat and local tourist tax

Holzmannstett (Bavaria, Germany)

The Ashtanga Retreat Venue Holzmannstett is a wonderful house near Munich. 

It was Italian builders who constructed the impressive Hof Holzmannstett estate around 150 years ago. After extensive renovations, a seminar house was finally opened here in the year 2000. It is situated in a stunning secluded location on a 10,000 square meter property between Grafing and Wasserburg am Inn (50 kilometers east of Munich).



The house, with its extensive garden, is surrounded by meadows, fields, and forests, facing south with mountain views. The architectural centerpiece of the house is the large dining and lounge area – a column-supported historic vaulted room with a large fireplace and south-facing terrace. The rooms, furnished with bright softwood furniture, are designed with clarity and harmony. The house’s delicious wholefood cuisine primarily uses ingredients from organic farming. A sauna adds coziness to cold winter evenings.


The Holzmannstett kitchen is known for it’s exquisite vegetarian cuisine for 20 years. It has evolved from a consciousness and joy for original, flavorful, and above all, lovingly prepared dishes. We primarily use food from organic farming, avoid any processed products, and all meals are freshly prepared.

Ashtanga Retreat Video


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Retreat and Teacher Training Impressions