Grischa’s Ashtanga retreats are very intense – and very complete. Day by day you will deepen your pranayama experience, improve your  Ashtanga practice in the Mysore sessions and learn new poses. In the workshops sessions you will learn how to avoid strain and heal your body with sophisticated alignment principles. In addition you will learn about the true tradition of Yoga according to the ancient scriptures. Practice without theory is as meaningless as theory without practice.

All Retreats contain all important components of (Ashtanga) Yoga practice including Asana (Mysore Style and Workshops), Pranayama, Yoga Philosophy, Sanskrit and Mantra as well es Meditation techniques that arise from all layers of practice.

Grischa is a long term student of Richard Freeman. He has been teaching traditional Mysore Style Ashtanga for almost two decades and founded Ashtanga Yoga Berlin in 2004. In 2019 he has founded the “Yogis for Climate Justice” movement which is trying to educate Yoga practitioners about the extremely harmful global Yoga travel business model.

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