Grischa's Ashtanga Retreats in Germany

All retreats are recognized educational trainings and can take place according to the current regulations. 

Ashtanga Retreat 26 July – 1 August 2021

Experience the magic of daily pranayama, Mysore style and Meditation practice. Take it as a holiday or go beyond with alignment workshops, philosophy and Sanskrit studies!

Bildungsprämie and Bildungsurlaub

Grischa’s trainings are recognized as yoga teacher trainings by the government. You can get a 50% discount  with the “Bildungsprämie” program (with an annual income < 20.000€, freelancers and employees). Contact us if you would like to get more information.

In addition employees can apply for 5 additional paid vacation days for our intensives as they also conform with the “Bildungsurlaub” regulations.

Podcast with Grischa @ keenonyoga

About Grischa / Podcast with Adam Keen

Grischa has been practicing Ashtanga since 2000. He has practiced with many senior teachers and participated in several teacher intensives with Richard Freeman since 2004.
Learn more about Grischa's path to Yoga in his interview with Adam in March 2021 on spotify.

About Grischa's Ashtanga Retreats

Grischa‘s Ashtanga intensives are inspired by Richard Freeman’s teacher intensives in Boulder. 

They are very intense and complete the regular Ashtanga practice in many ways. In addition to the daily Mysore classes your practice will dramatically improve with refined pranayama practices and alignment workshops. You will also understand how Ashtanga Yoga becomes meaningful by a deep and practical understanding of the Yoga Sutra and other philosophical systems. As a teacher you will see how excellent teaching naturally evolves from personal experience and empathy rather than imitation.

Mysore Style – Workshops – Pranayama, Yoga Philosophy, Sanskrit and Mantra 

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Only regional Yoga is Yoga

Grischa’s retreats are all about Yoga and Yoga means taking responsibility for your actions. In the name of all beings on this planet: Please do not travel by air. The planet cannot handle the CO2 emissions any longer. Not for money, not for fun, not for Yoga.