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Ashtanga Yoga Retreats in Germany

Advanced Ashtanga for All!

Grischa’s Ashtanga retreats are inspired by Richard Freeman’s teacher intensives in Boulder. This approach is ideal for Ashtanga enthusiasts and teachers alike, as the foundation is always skill in practice based on knowledge and experience. Let’s dive deeply into all major layers of Yoga, six days in a row from early morning to the evening. 

Learn Purvottanasana assist @ Ashtanga Teacher Intensive Retreat - Adjustment Training

Mysore Style is the foundation of Ashtanga practice. Grischa systematically helps you to overcome the root causes of practically all typical (sadly!) Ashtanga injuries and to improve your practice on all levels.

Experience the potential of  pranayama by directing your awareness towards the subtle aspects of your nervous system and mental processes. Learn using mulabandha as your inner guide for understanding the meaning of “correct practice” beyond opinions and doubt. Finally, learn how (only!) the ancient scriptures provide guidance in your practice in a meaningful way.

Uniting with your inner teacher is practice. Sharing this experience with others is teaching. Blind faith and “orthodox” sectarianism are toxic twins.

If you have questions about the retreat contents or location simply call us @ Ashtanga Yoga Berlin: +49.30.48496665

About Grischa

Grischa is a long-term student of Richard Freeman and has been teaching traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga since 2001. He opened Berlin’s first Ashtanga Shala “Aṣṭāṅga Yoga Berlin” in 2004. Read more…

Grischa Steffin from Ashtanga Yoga Berlin

Grischa has been teaching Ashtanga Mysore Style for more than two decades. The principles taught in his retreats are the result of a continuous analysis, refinement and improvement process.

His teaching is guided by the goals of Yoga as described in the classical scriptures such as the Yoga Sutra, Bhagavad Gita and other texts. Samadhi is the key tool to Yoga. It arises from selfless service (ishvara pranidhana) only, never from a hedonistic, selfish lifestyle.

Yoga is destroyed by harming other beings, today or in future, whether done, caused, or approved. Acting against better knowledge creates endless suffering. Therefore, let’s fight against the abuse of planetary resources, especially when done in the name of Yoga.

In 2019 Grischa founded the “Yogis for Climate Justice” movement. 

Upcoming Ashtanga Retreats

Mon, 1. April - 
Sun, 7. April
@ Holzmannstett (Bavaria, Germany)
SPECIAL: This retreat is in German! Take your Ashtanga practice beyond with alignment workshops, philosophy and Sanskrit studies. Dive deeply into Grischa’s magic ingredients for a transformative Mysore practice, pranayama and meditation. In addition this is a very special opportunity for studying one of the most inspiring texts on Yoga that exists, the famous Bhagavad Gita!
Mon, 24. June - 
Sun, 30. June
@ Breitenteicher Mühle
Experience the magic of daily pranayama, Mysore style and Meditation practice. Take your Ashtanga practice beyond with alignment workshops, philosophy and Sanskrit studies with the “full ashtanga intensive” program. Or take it easy and relax or work a little with the “ashtanga holidays” package.

Retreat Modules