aṣṭāṅga retreats

You must be familiar with Ashtanga Mysore Style for joining Grischa’s retreats. This traditional teaching method from Mysore (South India) is the key component of Yoga teaching from our point of view.

In Mysore Style you will experience the essence of Grischa’s teaching and practice principles that will be explored in the alignment classes.

The role of teaching in Ashtanga

The purpose of the practical path of Yoga is to remove avidya (not-knowing) as the soil of all “kleshas“, the causes of suffering. Simply making one learn new postures is therefore the least important aspect of teaching.

According to Yoga Sutra, the great vow of the Yogi is ahimsa, non-harming. That is why all forceful adjustments in Ashtanga are inappropriate, because they always cause injuries over time. Also they do not educate the practitioner and do not allow for internal healing. Simply “fixing” (well, rather often times breaking) something from the outside has become a dangerous tendency in Yoga teaching.

Grischa is using the 1:1 teaching approach to help you grow in your own practice and educate your inner teacher. His assists and adjustments are extremely precise. They aim at helping you to understand the meaning of a pose and how to remove obstacles on the path to learn it – rather than “fixing” you or your postures again and again.

The ideal adjustment awakens immediate insight into the internal nature of a posture and ultimately the meaning of Yoga practice.

Learning new postures

Once you understand the core principles of good internal alignment you will re-experience all poses of your practice as fundamentally new. From that moment learning “new” poses becomes a lot easier when you see that they are all just variations of the same core principles of practice.

Healing your practice

Most injuries in Yoga simple come from misunderstandings about the nature of correct practice. As soon as ignorance is removed the body will no longer be strained (or even re-injured). The body will then heal, that is it’s nature.

Typical unnecessary injuries

Due to the methodological approach of Ashtanga Grischa has become an expert in removing the causes of typical injuries that can be found in the Ashtanga series. With good alignment practically all injuries can be avoided.