Ashtanga Retreat Intensive June 2024 (Brandenburg, Germany)

Monday, 24. June - Sunday, 30. June
@ Breitenteicher Mühle
Bildungsurlaub Ashtanga Yoga Retreat


The Ashtanga Yoga Mysore practice can bring forth amazing initial changes and exciting experiences. But all this is nothing in comparison with the value of true Yoga practices as a fascinating tool for a deep mental transformation.
Over the past decades the meaning of the term "Yoga" has become totally distorted and raped as a capitalistic marketing concept. Let's not get fooled and learn to understand the meaning of Yoga on all levels: in ethics, self-study, asana, pranayama and mental techniques.

The yogic scriptures provide the missing link between practices and meaning. In this retreat Grischa will take you deeply into the mind-blowing depth of yogic analysis of reality and consciousness, analytically, in a non-esoteric language. With clarity the scripture become the most valuable tool we have in Yoga. Not just for your daily practice, but more importantly for your long-term yogic path. We will also see how the orthodox teachings allow us to truly understand all components of our phenomenal Ashtanga method, as well as the meaning of pranayama and the huge complex of the mind according to the ancient teachings.

Breitenteicher Mühle is the perfect location for an Ashtanga Yoga Retreat like ours, that's why we keep coming back since 2019. We can full concentrate on the practice. The property is surrounded by a forest like natural park, there is plenty of water (it's a water mill!),  animals that you can hardly find anymore, all extremely calm and lush green. The ancient water mill has been reconstructed beautifully with traditional ecological materials such as clay and wood. The practice hall is very spacious and full of light, ideal for the Mysore Practice and the workshops all day. The team is super great and food ist phenomenal!
UPDATE: A generous swimming pool with a panoramic view over the fields just appeared (not to forget about the beautiful Sauna).

In this intensive we discuss the most important yogic text, Patanjali's famous Yoga Sutra, in addition to the core concepts of other texts such as the Bhagavad Gita. This changes all you know about Yoga and fundamentally transforms all aspects of your practice - and maybe life.


Detailed Information

Yoga for all - inclusive pricing ("pay what you can")

The "orientation price" for all Yoga sessions is 700€ (almost 40+ hours of teaching with Grischa). This is for people with a "normal" income.

Anyhow, on the next page you will find a price slider that allows you to adjust the price according to your personal financial situation from as low as 0€ up to 1400€.

Low income, activist, care worker, artist, single parent? Pay whatever you can. We are not asking for any proof, but please do not simply redirect your discount to other treats such as air travel, other teachers etc. Low budget means low budget.

Higher income? Please pay more if you can. I am extremely dependent on the income from my two annual retreats.

Questions? +49.30.48496665

Accommodation & full board

The prices below include three vegan/vegetarian meals per day, paid directly to the seminar house. Please contact me if you cannot afford accommodation. We can try to find funding for you. 

3 bed + 510  €
2 bed + 540 €
single + 660 €
4 bed + 480 €
external / tent + 360 € (only available when house full)


This retreat is in TBA

Employee in Germany? Get paid extra vacation for this training. Call for info: +49.30.48496665

For practitioners

This retreat is open for all practitioners with prior Mysore Style experience. The deep understanding of breath, bandha and good alignment taught in this training will transform every single asana and your whole practice. You will understand the root causes of all major difficulties and injuries in Yoga practice and how to overcome them with ease.

For teachers

Learn all about the practice and teaching on asana,  pranayama, philosophy and meditation. You will learn how practitioners can be assisted in a safe and precise way. You will understand how I recognize and improve various alignment patterns from the beginner to the most advanced practitioner. Every morning you can try out the patterns for yourself, integrate it with your personal background and refine your teachings skills.

Only good education matters, not numbers of hours, months or years. That’s how we all have learnt teaching. I will not press you into a teacher template or judge your teaching skills. I will not sell fake security in form of totally meaningless certificates. Your values as a teacher is yourself, your open heart and your experience. You can’t buy being a Yoga teacher.


6:30 pranayama
7:30 mysore style
9:30 breakfast
10:30 yoga philosophy
ashtanga practice – technique and meaning
13:00 lunch
15:30 yoga philosophy
ashtanga practice – technique and meaning
18:30 dinner
20:00 meditation, sanskrit, vedic chanting

Arrival day starts at 10:30 with an introduction to the key principles of a healthy and meaningful Ashtanga practice.
Departure day Mysore only, departure after breakfast (ca. 10:00).


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Breitenteicher Mühle

This seminar takes place at the beautiful seminar house "Breitenteicher Mühle" near Berlin. We have spent several weeks at this mill already and it is embedded in a mind-blowing setting surrounded by a little forest and lush fields inviting for walks. It's truly a little paradise - we have seen all sorts of animals and rare birds here.


Every day starts with one hour of pranayama. Unfold a deeper understanding of the subtle qualities of prana and the nervous system day by day. Rather than blindly repeating exercises, we will trace down the the effects of pranayama in order to make the breath long and subtle, to transcend the qualities of inhaling, exhaling and holding and finally to “remove the covering of light” as described in the Yoga Sutra. Experience the mental transformation process which turns exercising the breath into a yogic practice! 

The daily Mysore Style class is the one-on-one time, in which you learn how to link all movement in your body and nervous system to a deeply focused quality of breath. You will also understand how to apply the technical details of the asana workshop sessions in your own practice. And of course Grischa will help you to overcome individual challenges or obstacles in your practice, to get rid of given injuries and to avoid the root causes of future ones. 

Asana is widely misunderstand as a stretching and strengthening program. Nothing could be further from the nature and goals of Yoga practice.
We will see how asana practice is transformed into a valuable component of the Yogic path. You will understand a completely different layer of the famous “bandhas” and how to use them for revealing your inner teacher in every single pose you can think of. You will understand the deep patterns of posture rather than external techniques.

Yoga can not arise from gymnastics, sanskrit names and numbers, or wishful thinking theories about Yoga. We must learn to understand Yoga from the perspective of those who invented it thousands of years ago. 
Only lazy people try to avoid the ancient texts and want to believe they are only theoretical.
Would you really prefer uneducated teachers over educated ones? Better educated yourself to make sure!

Ashtanga Retreat Video


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Retreat and Teacher Training Impressions