Ashtanga Adjustment Training

In this training you will learn about adjustments that are based on a deep understanding of the nature of every single pose – which is the individuality of each student.

You will also experience that a proper adjustment is never ever forceful. Force always means working against the body and will inevitably harm both students and teacher, sometimes immediately, often times slowly and unnoticeable. There is not such thing as a positive “opening” of physiological structures. An injury is an injury.

The foundation of all teaching must be a thorough practice with an excellent teacher. It is impossible to learn anything meaningful without that. When you meet such a teacher it will feel like someone has finally turned on the light in the middle of vast darkness even if you have practiced Ashtanga for years.

A proper adjustment removes the obstacles that blocks the ideal form of posture for a given student at a given stage of practice. As long as obstacles are not removed, no force on earth can improve the posture. When they are removed the posture happens spontaneously and force is unnecessary as well.

There is no point in learning or teaching generic techniques that end up being blindly applied onto each and every student that comes under your fingers.

You can’t plan or pay to become a teacher. Do not spend money on fake authorities. If practice is correct, the outcome will be correct.