Ashtanga Retreat Intensive @ Holzmannstett | 9-15 Juni 2025

Price for Yoga Retreat


Social Pricing

I believe that yoga should be accessible to all enthusiasts. I believe those who do care work, engage for good purposes or simply have had bad luck don’t deserve to be excluded from life. Therefore I invite you to adjust the price according to your personal situation. 

If you have a regular job, please pay a bit more than the average if possible. You may most likely be more able to support others financially than myself. 

Let’s be fair to each other! Please don’t simply try to save on my retreat for being able to fly around the planet or for other workshops.

The accommodation price is to be paid to the seminar house separately. If you need support with affording accommodation as well, please contact me. If you would like to sponsor someone in need, please contact us, as well.

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Ashtanga Retreat and Teacher Intensive Infos

See all information about the retreat here

Choose Practice Contents of the Ashtanga Retreat

a) whole retreat (preferably, because all components of Yoga need each other)
b) the morning sessions or (if available)
c) only the Pranayama and Mysore Part (if available)

Either way you will have spare time in the afternoons. You can always upgrade, take single extra days or sessions.

Choose Accommodation Type

All options include three meals per day. Accommodation and food will be billed separately by the seminar house.

  • There are single and double rooms, with or without private bathroom
  • Don’t worry about sharing room with someone else. All beds are separate and the rooms spacious enough.