The forces of nature will always find your weak spots. It is very easy to get back bends wrong. Let’s see how we just need to avoid the most common mistakes to
  • blaming your body (“my upper back is stiff”) –> back pain
  • Weak legs –> back pain
  • Incorrect idea of mulabandha (no, it’s not the buttocks or anus!) –> back pain
  • Incorrect idea of uddiyanabandha (no, it’s not “open your chest”!) –> back pain
  • Unbalanced feet and hands –> back pain
  • Bad timing when entering the pose –> back pain
  • ….
Are back bends easy? No. But they do become not only joyful but also healing as soon as we start making mindful efforts to avoid all those beginner mistakes (blame your teachers if they are still with you after years of practice). (…)