aṣṭāṅga retreats


You practice Prāṇāyāma every single moment of our life. You are either inhaling, exhaling or holding your breath. To make all this useful according to the Yoga Sutra we observe and modify place, length and number of breaths.

Prāṇāyāma makes us aware of most subtle sensations in our nervous system and focuses the mind on the amazing process of breathing. It is an amazing tool for binding our awareness uninterruptedly on one mental impression. This mental transformation process is called dhārana (“concentration”) and prepares the mind for dhyāna (“meditiation”). The raw experience of the present moment, in which breath, breathing and the breather become empty of form and fall into one, is samādhi.

In the retreats you will be practicing prāṇāyāma every day using various techniques, such as

  • Kapāla-Bhāti
  • Viloma
  • Ujjāyī
  • Nāḍi-śodhana
  • śītalī | sītkārī 
  • Nauli kriyā
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